The Big Red Biosecurity Program aims to increase the understanding and use of biosecurity practices to protect livestock and poultry populations in Nebraska from the introduction and spread of disease. In recent years, biosecurity has helped poultry producers in particular during outbreaks of avian influenza. The detection of H5N1 avian influenza in dairy cattle during the spring of 2024 highlights the importance of biosecurity for the dairy sector as well.

Many biosecurity practices are universal, but some are specific to the type of operation. This website covers both general and targeted principles of biosecurity. Currently, poultry and dairy cattle are the focus. If you have questions about other food animals, contact us.

Benefits of biosecurity

Incorporating biosecurity best practices is an essential element in preventing and controlling diseases that threaten animal and human health, as well as profitability. Too often, biosecurity measures are not put in place until after there has been an incident. The Big Red Biosecurity Program provides information and resources in an attempt to help producers be proactive rather than reactive.