Resources for poultry operators

Biosecurity and poultry disease information

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Biosecurity program/plan templates and tools

Aquaculture and finfish

Biosecurity on the Farm – Guidelines & Resources for Developing a Biosecurity Plan (PDF)

Finfish Biosecurity Measures Plan: Guidance and templates for finfish farmers and traders (PDF)


Feedyard biosecurity templates (Website)

Equine events

Biosecurity toolkit for equine events (Website)

Farms (animals and plants) and other entities

Biosecurity toolkit for equine events (PDF)

Feeds and feed manufacturing

Developing biosecurity practices for feed and ingredient manufacturing (PDF)


Poultry biosecurity (Website)

NPIP biosecurity principles template (PDF)

Swine production/secure pork supply

SPS secure pork supply (Website)

Biosecurity related

Disposal Methods of Livestock and Poultry Mortality (University of Nebraska–Lincoln) PDF

A Guide for Managing Poultry Insects (University of Nebraska–Lincoln) PDF

Nebraska Poultry Biosecurity Guidebook: Commercial Poultry (Nebraska Department of Agriculture) PDF

Nebraska Poultry Biosecurity Guidebook: Live Poultry Sales (Nebraska Department of Agriculture) PDF

Nebraska Poultry Biosecurity Guidebook: Upland Gamebird (Nebraska Department of Agriculture) PDF

General poultry

Cannibalism by Poultry (University of Nebraska–Lincoln) PDF

Egg Cleaning Procedures for the Backyard Flock (University of Nebraska–Lincoln) PDF

Poultry diseases


Poultry Diseases and Resources (Center for Food Security & Public Health) Website

Avian influenza

Avian Influenza (USDA) Website

Avian Influenza Overview (USDA) Website

FAQs About Avian Influenza for Poultry Industry (Nebraska Department of Agriculture) PDF

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza: Indemnity and Compensation Process (USDA) PDF

How Do You Test for AI? (Nebraska Department of Agriculture) Website

Exotic Newcastle disease

Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) (USDA) Website

Pullorum and Typhoid

Control of Pullorum and Typhoid Through Participation in the National and Nebraska Poultry Improvement Plans (University of Nebraska–Lincoln) PDF


Mycoplasma gallisepticum: FAQ (University of Maine) Website